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Chios Magic

You may have heard Chios because of its mastic cultivation, but it is not the only “magic” one can find on this island.

Begin with renting a car in any location around Chios Island. Travel unlimited kilometers and discover the beauties of Chios. Μeet the locals and get a taste of their hospitality. If you rent a car from us, we will also provide you the right tips depending on your needs so that you will enjoy your time in Chios and be happy for your rent from Travelshop.

Chios is the favorite holiday destination for many Europeans looking for  authentic travel experiences away from the crowds. It is the 5th biggest island in Greece. Alongside its rich history starting from the Neolithic Age and including adventures with Saracene pirates and the Turks during the Greek Revolution.

Chios also claims to be the birthplace of Homer. It was certainly the birthplace of eminent Greek politicians and writers such as Adamantios Korais, Emmanouil Roidis and Alexandre Mavrokordatos.

There are so many places to visit. A blend of historical and entertaining sites makes Chios , far more than just a tourist spot. Chios island, located on the crossroads of East and West, between the islets of Oinousses and Psara, can offer you an authentic holiday destination.

Remember, You can’t make it in a single day. The best way to explore the fascinating nature is hiring a vehicle in Chios.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and Greek heritage at your own pace. Chios accommodates  64 villages and at least 91 stunning beaches. If you don’t want to miss any moment of joy, rent a car and relish an unforgettable experience. 

Chios Island is not as famous as other islands of Greece, but for travel lovers, every picturesque gives pleasure.

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