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North-West Chios Beaches

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North-West Chios
Elinta beach

Elinta beach, located in the western part of the island, is near the village of Avgonima only 25 km from the town of Chios. Its name comes from the Greek word “Alios” meaning by the sea.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches. The large enclosed bay hides a quiet and sheltered haven and a landscape of great beauty (which during the Second World War was the hideout of the legendary greek submarine “Papanikolis”) with fine white pebbles and sand, tall pine trees that are spreded all the way down a the sea and dreamy turquoise waters.

The hidden beauty of our Chios Beaches list.

North-West Chios
Tigani beach

Tigani beach is located in northwestern Chios shortly after the village of Sidirounta.

It is a secluded pebble beach with crystal blue waters, seabed and impressive tall pines and at the background there is the impressive and recently restored vigla (small guard post) of Pachi that stands on the hill next to the road leading to the beach.

Those who want more isolation have only to walk a few meters to find the secluded Long Sand(Makria Ammos), a sandy beach with gorgeous turquoise waters.

North-West Chios
Lefkathia beach

Lefkathia beach is a quiet, idyllic beach, the most famous of northwestern Chios. It is located near Volissos between Limnos and Limnia.

It is an organized beach with sand, ideal for sunbathing and sea games. Its main feature is its deep, cold, and clear waters.

North-West Chios
Magemena beach

A little further south and near Lefkathia beach will find Magemena beach which is a huge magical beach near Limnia.

Magemena beach is located between the beaches of Managros and Limnos. It is an organized beach with thick sand and deep, clear and cool waters.

Definetely, Magemena, is one of our Chios Beaches that will stole your heart for ever.

North-West Chios
Agia Markella beach

This beach is once a place of martyrdom of the protector of the island, a tourist attraction – and not only on a pilgrimage to the chapel of Agia Markella. The large impressive beach that unfolds in front of the monastery offers visitors black sand, cool water, deep seabed and spectacular views of the historic island of Psara.

If you feel like explorers, walk towards the northernmost point of the beach from where starts a narrow path between the sea and steep high cliffs leading to the holy water, the point where Saint Markella martyred.

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