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North-East Chios Beaches

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Each one has a unique beauty.

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North-East Chios
Mersinidi beach

Mesrinidi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and within walking distance of the city, only eight kilometers northeast where is the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa.

Mersinidi beach actually consists of two beaches, one north of the church and another south of the church. They consist of sand and pebbles. Both have clear water but this south of the church is more quiet and secluded.

You can park your car on the road and from there you will find different downhill trails for both beaches. Its the nearest beach in the City of Chios, from our Chios Beaches list.

North-East Chios
Nagos beach

Nagos beach is located just 5 km from Kardamyla, the village of seafarers and shipowners and 30 km from the center of Chios. Trees, colorful pebbles, blue water and a beautiful seabed create dreamy scenery generously given from Nagos beach to its guests.

On the beach you will find taverns that will offer you rich delicacies and fresh fish. There are shops with various traditional products and souvenirs.

We can climb the stone steps to the edge of the beach that lead to the picturesque chapel of Holy Mother to enjoy the wonderful view. Before leaving Nagos do not forget to visit the fresh water spring and taste the cold mountain water.

North-East Chios
Giosonas beach

Giosonas beach is located after the enchanting Nagos beach. The name of the beach (Giosonas) comes from the famous Jason and the myth wants the legendary hero to have passed by this beach with the Argonauts on their way to their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Smooth pebbles and turquoise waters, wild beauty overlooking the gorge and relaxation are just some of the things offered by this picturesque beach. The bays that unfold along are ideal for the isolation lovers to stretch out a towel, while those who have worldly moods can enjoy swimming with a refreshing cocktail in hand from the beautiful beach bar that awaits them in the center of the beach.

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